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Originally, the verses are scattered throughout 10 centuries each containing 100 quatrains, except for century 7 which contains only 42. Then some so called duplicates and fragments constitute 25 more quatrains. Then 141 more quatrains of a slightly different tone or speed and spirit are provided as what are called presages. Then 58 sixains are provided under the suspicion that these were not authored by Nostradamus; ‘Nostra Resolutions’ proves that they were. Finally two more quatrains are given as an ‘anti-pair’. The new sequence for the 1170 verses is read from start to finish as an actual story, somewhat resembling a novel.

The verses of Michel Nostradamus set into sequence by Zach Pendulum: Nostradamus quatrains and sixains.

N o s t r a   R e s o l u t i o n s

The premier edition of Nostra Resolutions is now available.

These are the actual quatrains, sixains, and other works of Nostradamus, set into a certain sequence, by which an underlying story-flow is illuminated while evidence of its accuracy is provided by a graphical trace that appears within the text. Precisely 150 sculptures of words reveal an underlying reflection among the 1170 verses.

Check out these amazing word sculptures, then guess the author.
The verses of Michel Nostradamus set into sequence: Nostradamus quatrains and sixains.

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